Visit to the House of Lords, London

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The day started at 6 AM when we met at the staff car park and walked to Flowery Field train station. The journey to London was fantastic! Shania slept most of the journey whilst Tyler chatted to Mr McBurnie and shared a packet of biscuits.
The pupils were excited about the trip, but it was evident they were also nervous.
We arrived in London and made our way to the underground tube station. Our first stop was Westminster. We saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, heard the chiming of Big Ben and also visited the Supreme Court, where there was lots of media coverage and important people around regarding the Brexit debate - hence heightened security!
Just before heading over to the House of Lords, we decided to visit The Imperial War Museum. We had a look round all the interesting things about World War I and World War II and on our way back to the House of Lords, we stopped at a lovely coffee shop where we charged our phones and enjoyed a drink together.
Finally, we arrived at the House of Lords. We headed towards the big iron gates and entered the building through the security checks. We handed in our belongings and went through a metal detector. We were then ushered into a waiting room and finally into a posh, guilded wooden room, where they explained to us that a lot of the laws of the country were passed in the very room we were sitting in. The chairs in the room were all inscribed with the House of Lords and we had reserve seating on one of the rows.
It was explained that there were six schools in attendance. The six schools had been selected from thousands of projects which had been entered into the Project 110 competition and had been successful in gaining over 110 hits on their YouTube video.
110 was a significant number - if each school reached out to just 110 people, this would effectively reach out to over 880,000 people in total. The number 880,000 reflects the number of British and Colonial soldiers killed in World War I.
We were third on the list and so when it was our turn to do our presentation, Ms McDonough presented our project, accompanied by Tyler and Shania. We were then awarded with our National 2016 award for our contribution to keeping history alive through our legacy project entitled ‘Back to the Past’.
At the end of the presentations, people approached us and spoke very positively to us about our project. It was a fantastic opportunity for us all and we felt very humbled to have been invited to such a fantastic place.
We left the House of Lords and headed off to the centre of London on the tube. We visited Harrods, the famous department store and saw some very expensive items for sale. Tyler and Shania, were particularly impressed by an iPhone case, made of rose gold with a tiny apple logo on the back, which was encrusted with diamonds. Shania commented that it was a bargain at £28,000!
We finally headed back to Euston and embarked on the return trip back to Manchester. Mr McBurnie’s Fitbit told us that we had covered over 28 km and that didn't include running for the train.
On the journey back, we had a look at the books we had been presented with at the House of Lords. These books were amazing and were definitely something to keep and treasure. We reflected on the day and our time in Belgium. We talked and laughed about some of the highlights. We have lots of fantastic memories of the day and some that will remain with us forever.
Thank you to Shania and Tyler for being such brilliant pupils and for making us feel so proud!


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