Scarecrow Event October 2015


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It has been a real privilege helping to host this year’s scarecrow competition. We were delighted that Rachel Summerscales from ‘Operation Farm’ allowed us to display the scarecrows from the four special schools:

Hawthorns, who had a large, scary crow; Oakdale, who had a very cute cat; Samuel Laycock, whose ‘Dracula’ was a big hit with a lot of selfies being taken!; and Thomas Ashton, who had an ‘Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Art’. They were all displayed in the orchard at Hyde Park on Sunday 18th October.

Each class from Thomas Ashton made a piece of ‘Lost Art’ which was displayed as part of our ‘Indiana Jones’ scarecrow (which the pupils in Emin group made). Morgan and Luke even went along to Hargate Hill Farm to collect the straw.

Our theme was 'Raiders Of The Lost Art'. This idea came about as part of our history project. During World War Two, lots of paintings were stolen and hidden by the Nazis. However, some have since been found and returned. One of the paintings found was that of the Gurlitt Collection. It has been returned to its rightful owners,and now it is to be sold, by the very man who witnessed it being confiscated!

As a teenager,.David Toren, now 91, watched as the painting was seized from his uncle the day after ‘Kristallnacht’, but now has finally been reunited with it a lifetime later. Mr Toren, who is blind, is intending to sell the painting to give someone else the chance to see and appreciate it.

We were delighted that the Tameside Reporter came along to cover our event and we were overwhelmed with the interest received from the public. We had a ballot box ‘in situ’ and members of the public were encouraged to vote for their favourite scarecrow.

We also owe a big thank-you to Vanessa Rothwell who is Tameside Arts and Engagement Manager. She has offered a really special prize which I think will be much appreciated by the winning school. She has offered a free session with one of the Visual Artists who work within the Museum and Art Gallery. The usual value for this kind of session is up to £150 for a half day; additionally, she is also offering the winning school the use of a ‘loan box’ of their choice for a week’s free loan.

The event was very successful and even though it was a bit damp and cold the scarecrows looked superb. It was great to organise something which brought the special schools in Tameside together and to share their good practice in relation to the Arts.

The scarecrows will now go on tour!

'Tameside'sTravelling Scarecrows will be going on display at each of the four schools, in the order of the word ‘HOST’:

They will be on display at the following schools on the following days this week.

Monday - Hawthorns
Tuesday - Oakdale
Wednesday -Samuel Laycock
Thursday - Thomas Ashton

We hope all our children enjoy them !

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