Trips and Educational Visits

School closes on Friday 26th May 2023 for the half term holidays. School reopens on Monday 12th June 2023

REWARDS: Whenever pupils are doing well it is nice that someone notices and tells them so! Whenever pupils are working hard, making progress and making good choices we want to be able to say ‘well done!’
Whether a Thomas Ashton pupil is on-site or off-site, whenever they are doing well they can be instantly rewarded with a raffle ticket which will go in the weekly draw. The draw is made every Monday in assembly and the winning pupil will receive a ‘bonus’ voucher or a token which they can use in the school shop.
At Thomas Ashton School we use our reward system to help re-enforce good behaviour and good work. All pupils get the chance to earn daily points, and these points are collected weekly. Milestones are reflected through the use of bronze, silver and gold certificates. Pupils can also get ‘good news’ telephone calls and postcards to parents/carers, privileges and reward trips.
As pupils progress through the term they accumulate their points, and these may be ‘cashed in’ at the school shop for healthy snacks or a ‘prize box’ dip, or used for a specific trip out which the pupil may negotiate with their class teacher. Top points scorers will also be treated to a termly reward trip.
Rewards do not have to be ‘expensive’. Often it is the recognition of what the pupil has done or achieved that is the most important thing.
We want our pupils to understand that there will always be consequences to our actions, both good and bad, and we want our pupils to take responsibility for their actions. In some instances therefore, points may be deducted or vouchers removed from pupils.
TRIPS: At Thomas Ashton School we believe that children must experience learning both inside and outside the classroom. Throughout the year there are lots of opportunities for educational trips and reward trips (which also help develop social skills, confidence-building and team work).
This is why we run two mini-buses. Every day the buses will be off out going somewhere exciting taking our pupils to places or facilities that will enhance their curriculum learning / personal and social development.
Behaviour and excellent conduct on all trips is really important. If a pupil is not allowed on a trip, it will be because of a risk assessment around their safety and the safety of others. The aim will then be to help this pupil put things right so they are ready for the next time.
All trips off-site are risk assessed and overseen by the School’s ‘Trips Co-ordinator’. All staff are aware of the need to follow procedures to ensure the pupils are safe at all times. Occasionally extra help may be sought, and in these instances parents / carers may be called upon to lend a hand if they are able!
In many cases, a small trip locally can have as big an impact on a pupil’s learning as a ‘big’ trip which may be expensive in terms of time, resource and money.