Getting to School

School closes on Friday 26th May 2023 for the half term holidays. School reopens on Monday 12th June 2023


We want to be sure that pupils are both safe and happy at Thomas Ashton School. This includes that they are both safe and happy coming to school and going home from school at the end of the day. Because of the age and the individual needs of our pupils, pupils travel to and from school in lots of different ways. We will encourage pupils travelling independently, providing they are safe to do so. Walking to school or riding a bike to school is good exercise and we have bike racks at school so that bikes can be kept secure. Please note, your child should bring a bike lock.. The school is well served by bus routes, and we are about a fifteen minute walk from Hyde bus station.


Pupils who travel by bus may be eligible for a free bus pass. Application forms can be obtained from your local bus station. There is even Flowery Field train station just up the road! Parents might choose to bring their child to school by car. The turning circle at the front of school allows cars to come in off the road and drop children safely at the front door. Where children need to be transported, and where parents may struggle to be able to do this themselves, there is an opportunity to apply for transport through the local authority. An application form needs to be completed and submitted to the transport deparment at the Council. Provided certain criteria are met, a taxi will be scheduled to pick up and drop off every day. Safe behaviour to and from school is essential, whether this is in a taxi, walking or taking a bus. Unsafe behaviour will be challenged by the school and could result in transport provided by the local authority being temporarily suspended or even cancelled in extreme cases.