Seuss Spring Term 1

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This term pupils have studied the book by Elizabeth Laird – ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’.
It is the story of Ayesha, a 10 year old girl who lives in Beirut during the Civil War. The children really enjoyed learning about what life was like during the war and how Ayesha and her family survived the difficult times.
The Big Write: Pupils had to plan, structure and complete a short story from the perspective of another character in the book. We chose Samar, who is a friend of Ayesha’s. The children produced some fantastic work.

Our PSHE was linked to ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’ where pupil’s learnt about the United Nations – when and why it was set up and how it helps all around the world.
February 4th – 10th was ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. Pupils looked at a number of issues affecting children and we discussed how to deal with anxiety and worries. We also looked again at the ‘Growth Mindset’ – and learnt how to change our attitude to help overcome any challenges.
In Maths, Mrs Walker’s group have been looking at time: digital and analogue; the grid method for multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers and pictograms. Mrs Newton’s group have been learning the ladder method to multiply 3 digits by 1 digit, measuring angles using a protractor and using a compass to draw a circle.

On Monday 4th February, some pupils from class performed in the Assembly. They talked about what we had learned in topic – in particular, they located the main organs in the Human Body and explained what they are used for.
Mrs Riley-Thompson has taught the children Science this term. They have focussed on Electrical Circuits and conductors and insulators. They also carried out an experiment to see which metal heated up the quickest.
Friday morning means Cooking: Creamy Masala, Chicken Nuggets and Sweet potato fries, Potato Hash, Banana Loaf and Jam Heart Biscuits. Pupils continue to enjoy cooking and their confidence in the kitchen has grown.
In the last two weeks of term, some of the pupils went to Chill Factore for the PE reward trip. Well done to all.

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